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Due to the need for additional technical Java & JavaScript expertise, VDAB called upon the expertise of Optis consultants. The switch from old to new technology was the biggest challenge ahead.


VDAB wanted to further improve their job matching web application. The application, which is used by thousands of Belgian job seekers on a daily basis, wasn't up to par according to contemporary technical standards. The legacy code of the old software contained a lot of particular business rules all over the place. The challenge ahead was to transform “Vind een Job” into a fast, maintainable, well performing matching application based on modern technology and standards, while not losing sight of existing dependencies.


VDAB and Optis kicked off the project with a team of 4 consultants, one of whom had previous experience as a developer at VDAB. Armed with solid knowledge of the playing field, the Optis crew embarked on a co-creation mission to build a new version of ‘Vind een Job’ from scratch.

The mixed project team, consisting of experienced and more junior software engineers, under the guidance of an Optis solution architect, looked for ways to improve upon the existing product. The new front-end, for example, was written in JavaScript, using the Angular framework, offering numerous advantages: reusability of components, simplified unit testing, as well as improved readability of the code and easier maintenance. In other words: the overhaul of their core ‘client facing’ application allows VDAB to add new features faster, and offer a more stable, fluent candidate experience to jobseekers.

A key success factor in this application modernization project is the cohesion and robustness of the Optis team. The core application team remained the same throughout the track and was supplemented with thoroughly briefed Optis colleagues whenever necessary. This continuity sped up the creation of new features and facilitated maintenance and the implementation of minor changes to the application.

Armed with solid knowledge of the playing field, the Optis crew embarked on a co-creation mission.


Optis has a close-knit team that always puts in 100% of their effort. Challenges along the way are quickly raised, discussed and resolved. Every member of the team boasts specialist skills to drive the project forward: some excel in documenting and developing, others are stronger in the fields of analysis or coordination. Even the less experienced Optis developers are not perceived as ‘juniors’ because of their fast learning abilities: "Everyone was motivated and focused on delivering quality output from the very beginning of the project."

In the Optis team even junior consultants take an exceptional amount of ownership in challenging situations.
- Tom Van Heddegem, Coordinator Applications Make

VDAB Team lead Jessy emphasizes how easy it is to address get along with Optis consultants, both as a group and individually, and how everyone is receptive to constructive feedback

I feel incredibly good in Optis the team and I think it's great! It's officially the coolest team of externals I've ever had!
- Jessy Dumont, team leader Jobs. Inc team


‘Vind een Job’ is up and running for a while now, but the partnership between VDAB and Optis continues. The experience of the team is leveraged on to improve the product and user experience in the future. Great news for all the job seekers out there, who will have a much easier time landing their dream job.

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Keshia Niemegeerts

February 8, 2022

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