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As a consultancy firm, we have but one product: our people. That’s why we do everything to turn our consultants into a true team where personal growth and knowledge sharing is central.

You’ve probably heard this pitch before: We deliver software development consulting for business applications. Our goal is not to win originality prizes though, but to be the best in our class.

Let us show you the Optis way!

consulting excellence

We support your organization by delivering development consulting services. No matter the size of your needs; we’ve got your business’s back!

Our team is centered around constantly expanding knowledge, so our customers aren’t just getting individual consultants, but rather an entire team’s worth of expertise.

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personal growth

sharing knowledge

end to end


our values, our power

Our people are our best asset, so we take great care in how we treat them. The following pillars represent our vision on how to turn consultants into a consultancy team.

Potential is key in our recruitment process. We encourage our team members to further shape and discover their skills and interests through training.

The solid bond between team members is the beating heart of Optis. Even though our people aren’t always working on the same projects, they are always ready to assist each other.

Making sure the team is happy is a main concern to us. Our people always have a direct line to management when they need support. We’re not only running a company, we’re creating an #optisfamily.

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"Behind every success, there is a great team!"

Our family is born ready to welcome every team member in a supportive environment. We encourage an open, team-oriented culture supporting everyone to grow on a personal and professional level.

Let's improve your business together. We're ready if you are!

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