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Neanex started in 2014 as an innovation spin-off of engineering company iNFRANEA, with the idea that blocks of flats, roads or hospitals should be designed, built and managed as a shuttle for a mission to Mars. Founder and managing director Peter Imbrechts tells you in this testimonial how his team, with the help of Optis experts, built a cooperative platform that achieves this vision.


13 years ago, when I was still working on 3D architectural designs myself, I was often struck by the complexity and amount of data involved in construction projects. It turned out to be quite a challenge to verify whether a client's request had been fully met. The lack of solid communication led to wasted time, money and effort. I saw an opportunity for improvement and grabbed it.
-Peter Imbrechts

The need for digital information management in the construction sector inspired the foundation of Neanex. Neanex software is the link between architects, engineering firms, contractors and other stakeholders. By connecting smart methods to efficient tools, construction projects become data-driven and 'lean', similar to the aerospace industry.

Thanks to value-adding partnerships, with Semmtech (linked data, master data) and Optis (software experts), Neanex continued with a slimmed-down core team of 15 people, supplemented by external specialists.


Consultants at Neanex need to show resilience and take responsibility. Retrospectives and meetings can be though, and adjustment periods for external consultants are quite short. We need specialists with an entrepreneurial instinct and high level technical know-how.

As a software consulting partner, Optis fits in seamlessly with our startup mindset: they offer a flexible approach tailored to our budget, sharp and ambitious minds, plus the will to go the extra mile whenever necessary.
-Peter Imbrechts
Neanex software is the link between architects, engineering firms, contractors and other stakeholders.


Thanks to Kenneth - senior full stack developer - and Kristof - functional analyst - Neanex got a solid injection of knowledge. Employees found temporary sparring partners, bringing new insights and experience from previous projects to the table.

Together with Optis we increased the maturity, robustness, and quality of our product in just a few months.
-Peter Imbrechts

For Neanex, working with expert consultants was more efficient than hiring extra staff for whom there are no permanent roles within a start-up.

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Keshia Niemegeerts

February 8, 2022

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