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Be-Mobile’s mission is a very clear one: revolutionizing traffic and creating the mobility solutions of today and tomorrow. Everything they do is built upon sustainability, which represents their core value.This principle has been implemented throughout the entire organization; from the applications they create to their employee policy. “We aim for sustainable careers,” Elke, HR Director at Be-Mobile, says “when new talents start to work at Be-Mobile, we go for a long-term approach. But sometimes, we must be able to quickly respond to market demands, which can cause a resource challenge.”

In order to meet such demands, Be-Mobile teamed up with TalentBay. Both TalentBay and Optis are part of the Cronos Group, a large ecosystem of companies with close mutual partnerships. In this ecosystem, Optis acts as a source of developers, while TalentBay serves as the "generalistic" IT staffing of Be-Mobile. More specifically, TalentBay is always looking for IT profiles with the right expertise that perfectly match Be-Mobile’s company culture and values; talent that is often found at Optis.

For both ‘fleet’ and ‘tolling’ business units, Be-Mobile was on the lookout for a developer who wanted to specialize in the programming language ‘Go'. That’s how Youri, Full-stack Developer at Optis, became a part of the Be-Mobile team. ”A very exciting and interesting environment!” according to Youri.


During his first project, Youri mainly worked for the business unit ‘Tolling’. This unit focuses on developing a cloud-based platform, including powerful algorithms to map truck drivers’ journey with high accuracy. The platform provides high-tech, distance-based toll calculations, in order to offer value-added services leveraging synergies with the traffic information and management solutions. This is the case for both fleet management and cooperative intelligent transport systems technology.

To develop this platform, Be-Mobile chose ‘Go’. Go is an open-source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software. "It’s a relatively young language, but offers developers a lot of flexibility," Youri says. “It was the first time I used it, but because of the clean and efficient way of writing code it was not hard to learn.” Elke also recognizes the advantages of the language in-house as it is easy to learn, and the code is highly adaptable.

Go is a relatively young language, but it offers developers a lot of flexibility.

During the 9-month-long intensive development of the platform, Youri’s code was taken into production. For further monitoring, Youri trained an internal Be-Mobile employee on how to work with the platform and gain more insight into his coding work, “I love educating people”, Youri adds enthusiastically.

Right now, Youri is working on his second project at Be-Mobile, focused on the Fleet business unit. The aim is to develop an improved version of the platform that gives transport managers insight into the routes travelled by truckers, and generates reports based on this input. This became Youri’s second experience in Go.


Nothing but good words from Youri about the Be-Mobile team! “I am part of a fun and passionate team that works together really well. Thanks to an ‘agile’ approach, we have a lot of freedom when it comes to organizing our work and taking on new responsibilities. Be-Mobile offered me a great first experience as a consultant!”

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Keshia Niemegeerts

February 8, 2022

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