From Spring Boot with love: The journey of Bram Van Herck

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Bram Van Herck is one of our medior fullstack developers and got here along with colleague Kristof De Bock (whose journey you can read here!). On the day of his interview, Bram had already been part of our Optis Family for a year! Eager to know what his journey has been like with us so far? Read along.


Bram started his first working experience at a company where he met current Optis colleague Kristof. Little did he know that Keshia used to work there too! When Bram’s project neared the end, he felt like it was time to look for a new opportunity. As Kristof was also ready for a change and already in talks with Optis, he offered to introduce him, which Bram happily accepted. Now, if you ask Bram, he’s not the most verbally strong person. He was therefore quite relieved when Keshia and Mathias asked him to show them his skills, rather than talking about it. The fact that this was even an option, was convincing enough for Bram: Optis would be an excellent place for him.

Incidentally, this was contrary to his previous beliefs. Why? Because Bram always thought that he wasn’t experienced enough to be a consultant. We explained to him that he didn’t have to be an expert on all domains to be a consultant, and that he was already quite capable. Reassured, Bram took the leap and joined our Optis Family!


Bram started on a project where he had to work with APIs in Java, fix bugs, make small changes, and such. He was a little taken aback, to be honest. When he began working at Optis, he felt like he could surround himself with new technologies. On the project, though, he felt like he was being restricted and had to work with ‘old’ and rusty technology. Luckily, he immediately felt like he could raise the subject both on his project and to Keshia and Mathias. Together, they looked for new possibilities and soon, Bram started working parttime in the Optis Factory.  

Then one day, the client – who also knew that Bram was looking for new challenges – proposed to put him in another team where they needed people to rebuild specific software from scratch with new technologies. Today, Bram is wrapping things up in the first team and immersing himself in the second one to do research and experiment. Talk about positive evolution and personal growth!

The main reason for me to stay here, is the atmosphere. The way we’re all here for each other, go to each other for help. I feel at home and I feel heard whenever something’s the matter.


Bram still mainly works in Java, but it used to be with Spring, now it’s Spring Boot. He also works with the latest version of Angular which is relatively flexible. All in all, we can say that he’s way happier with his job now. Most of all because he now focuses on new features without having to provide support since the app’s not up and running yet. There's a lot to be discussed with the team, things to be decided; all aspects that Bram draws energy from. The fact that there’s a lot of trial and error doesn’t scare him off, on the contrary.


A typical day for Bram doesn’t really exist since he’s still in the process of combining two projects. Furthermore, he really wants to remain connected to all teams, our Optis Family included.

In order to keep things that way, he goes to the client’s office two days a week, works from home two to three days and then tries to squeeze in half a day to come to Optis too. Phew, that’s commitment!


Bram doesn’t see himself as an expert yet but he’s eager to change that. He’s continuously up to learning new things. However, finding the exact right new trainings or technologies that would suit him, is tricky to him. When he brought this up, Keshia and Mathias investigated for him. Bram indicates that this is another reason why he feels supported by Optis. To him, it’s helpful that we guide him in finding new growth paths.  

For now, Bram is pleased with the way things are. He says he wants to focus on wrapping things up on his first project, and then fully going for it on the second one. Knowing his personality by now, we’re sure we’ll hear it as soon as he’s ready to explore new things. We’ll make sure to be there to cheer him on!

Did Bram's journey and ambition inspire you? Be sure to check our vacancies here and become part of our Optis Family!

Bram Van Herck

March 29, 2023

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