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We’ve welcomed another batch of great trainees into our family this year! As their internships have come to an end after weeks of hard work, we’d like to introduce them and their amazing projects. They’ve been co-creating in pairs and worked on real-life cases together. They all presented their finished work at the end of the internship and we’re mighty impressed. What was it like for them to work on our assignments and would they choose us again if they had to do it all over? Let’s hear from themselves!

Florian & ChiWah – Charging Stations Monitor (Optis – HoGent)

"We were intrigued by the informal and friendly way Keshia and Mathias introduced themselves at our first encounter. Optis oozed a nice atmosphere, so we were soon convinced to put them in our top five of potential trainee companies. The project itself was compelling as well since we knew it concerned a topical issue and that we’d be building something useful.”

We set up biweekly sprints and worked in Jira with our project manager. That way, everything went according to plan. We wrote user stories, analysed the situation and made sure we knew enough about the topic before we began. In the end, we had made a charging station program that allows users to get in line, see statistics on their usage, and so on. It’s an efficient way to avoid that people just let their car charge for an entire day. Instead, they receive a notification that their car is fully loaded, so they can move it and enable the next person in line to charge their car in turn.”  

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working here and strongly recommend Optis to other students! You’re always well-supported, they involve you in team activities (like going to dinner), there are workshops to learn from, and so on. You never feel like 'an intern’ that must learn from ‘their boss’. We’d say: go for it!”

Jesse & Liam – Ticketing System (Optis – HoGent)

“It was very clear from the start what we’d be working on and, even more interesting to us, what technologies we’d be working with. As we’re both keen to be full stack developers later in life, we thought this would be the ideal learning centre for us.”

The purpose of our project was for employees to be able to report infrastructural defects to the handyman of the building they work in, through a ticketing system that is similar to the ones you’d use for IT related problems. We found that analysing the problems first and writing user stories made our programming much better.”

We had to present demos at the end of every biweekly sprint. That was great, because it allowed us to work on our presentation skills; something we’re sure we’ll need in our future careers. Furthermore, those moments were great for receiving feedback and improving our technical skills!”

Ionut & Yeung – Dishy (iBizz – KDG)

Our project at iBizz, Dishy, concerned building a recipe app and a virtual fridge. Users can enter the ingredients in their fridge and based on those ingredients they receive relevant recipes. Incidentally, they can also share those with others. Because we knew we’d be working with Java and React, technologies we enjoy, we were eager to choose this assignment.”

We found the deployment system the most challenging part of the project. We’d never done that before. It was shorter but also way more fun than we’d anticipated. A nice first encounter! The same can be said for discovering the way a company works in real life. Things run differently here than at school, that’s for sure.”

We can’t imagine a better place to intern. Literally everyone was approachable, no question was too silly, every coaching moment feels personal, and the atmosphere is fantastic.”  

Nareg & Iderisse – Journo (The Nest Box – KDG)

“We chose The Nest Box because we knew we’d be working with React, which we hadn’t worked with before. We didn’t know that we’d also be experiencing Serverless, but in retrospect we’re very happy that we did! Finally, the project and specifically the speech-to-text part spoke to us.”

Journo, our app, simplifies the work of journalists. By uploading their recordings and audio files, they can easily generate transcriptions via AI, which saves them much time. In addition, there’s a feature to enter specific keywords to receive extra information on the topic from Wikipedia, for instance.”

“We were fortunate to finish early on so we could add extra features from our backlog, conduct bug testing and write documentation. We feel like the experience moulded us into decent full stack developers for which we’re very grateful!

You never feel like 'an intern’ that must learn from ‘their boss’. Literally everyone was approachable, no question was too silly, every coaching moment feels personal, and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Nico & Miguel – Job Opportunity Scanner (Reaktika – KDG)

“When we had to choose, we put Reaktika in our top 5 internship possibilities because the team was obviously a great place to end up. Apparently, this was Ben’s first time dealing with interns and we’ve got to say: we wouldn’t have known. We loved it here!

We made the JOS: a Job Opportunity Scanner for managing partners. Right now, all opportunities for all Cronos employees are sent to an Outlook mailbox, making it near impossible to sift through. Our app filters on their preferences (for instance, only job offers for Android developers), which results in them having to look at a few mails instead of hundreds.”

Working with Amazon Cloud Services was new for us and quite the challenge. We didn’t know how they interacted and communicated with each other yet. However, we’re very happy with what we created so all in all, we think we made it work!”

“Our project isn’t finished yet in our eyes because there are so many more features we would’ve liked to implement. If you ask us, eight weeks are not enough for an internship this fun!”

Anke & Egon – OptiCV (Optis – KDG)

By choosing to work on the OptiCV we were sure we’d be working within Optis, which is exactly what we wanted! We noticed at once that they were kind and helpful people; who wouldn’t want to work in such a team?”

“Before OptiCV, consultants had to keep track of their cv meticulously. Moreover, every time a specific project rolled in new templates came up in which they had to enter their cv manually. With OptiCV, the process is sped up enormously, because the app puts all relevant information in those templates automatically, based on keys. Managing partners are thus able to react a lot faster to new opportunities for their consultants.”

We had to learn to reign in our enthusiasm and make the issues for our sprints smaller. That way, they were more feasible, and we could stick to the planning. Learning more about Amazon Cognito proved to be a challenging exercise too but we’re happy with the experience because it helped us eliminate bugs in our software.”

Kitty & Thomas – MediMind (iBizz – KDG)

Making MediMind seemed like an incredibly useful internship, which is what appealed to us the most. We wanted to contribute to an easier life for people who (have to) take medications on a regular basis.”

“Users of our app can see, for instance, which medicines they have to take that day, if they still have some left in their cabinet, when they will expire, and so on. We’ve finished our assignment and have made sure we wrote documentation so others can continue working on it, as there are so many more options to explore.”

“Working alongside each other wasn’t new; we’d met on other school projects. However, working for an actual company is different, of course. It couldn’t have been a better experience, though! When we were filling out a feedback form, we literally couldn’t think of anything iBizz could’ve done to make the internship better for us. If that’s not an endorsement, we don’t know what is...”

Have our trainees convinced you to come and do an internship with us too? Don’t be shy and reach out; we’d like to get to know you! For more information on our vacancies, be sure to check our careerpage. See you soon?


July 18, 2022

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