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Open Source

Angular is a web framework developed by Google that is based on TypeScript (which itself is based on JavaScript). It is open source and widely used and supported. Angular is a complete framework that includes routing, libraries for HTTP, UI, and testing, and out-of-the-box support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Its rich ecosystem includes many other libraries and frameworks, and it is very structured. In our projects, we use Angular to write single-page web applications, and we mostly use Angular Material as the UI library.

Technologies We Love

Our daily operations are built on a solid foundation of technologies we trust and use extensively. Java, along with the versatile Spring framework, provides the stability and performance needed for our backend systems. On the frontend, JavaScript allows us to create engaging and responsive web applications, utilizing the capabilities of Angular and React.

These tools are integral to our projects, enabling us to develop efficient and effective solutions by leveraging their extensive libraries and frameworks.

Innovative Technologies

At Optis, we embrace innovation by continually testing and integrating new technologies into our workflow. As you can see, we are excited about tools that simplify complex state management and streamline database interactions, making them a natural fit with our existing Java and JavaScript expertise.

These technologies enable us to build more robust and maintainable applications, enhancing both our backend and frontend development capabilities.

Photo of Iderisse
I'm thrilled to share some best practices with Optis developers in our serverless computing bootcamp and help them harness the full potential of AWS Lambda!
Iderisse Dom
Software Developer
Keshia Niemegeerts

managing partner

Remix is an excellent choice for developers looking for a fullstack JavaScript framework that offers superior performance and resilience.
Our mission is to run optis like a company where we would love to work as consultants.
Mathias Mariman
managing partner
When I look at some of my previously written code, I can clearly see that I’ve improved my skills since I started working here. That’s a great feeling!
Charlotte Van der Voort
Software Developer
You need to be eager to keep learning in this environment... That’s what’ll make the dream work.
Dimitri Mestdagh
Technical Architect
Being both a consultant and a fullstack developer means that there’s always new technologies and teams to work with. This really helps you grow both personally and professionally. I think that I’m one of the few people that can say that they learn something new and exciting every day.
Robbe Van Winckel
Fullstack developer

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