Hello everyone, welcome to my story about my internship at Optis. To be straight with all of you, this is my first real blog article as well, so I am very excited to share it with you! As a student Cross-media management I learned everything about online marketing strategies and thinking outside the box in order to find new innovative ways to make a company attractive on social platforms. Time to turn my theoretical knowledge into practice!

Why I chose for an internship at Optis

The real question here is “why not?”. Optis is a business that comes very close to my interests.In my first year of college, I started to study informatics. I wasn’t really good at the programming part, but I really enjoyed the way of thinking and the fact that there are so many new things to discover. As a programmer it is your duty to invent, to explore and to change certain things in ways nobody ever did before. Some friends of mine are now graduated programmers and I must say, I admire them all of them! It takes a lot of strength, perseverance and capacities to reach it to the final end. So guys, big thumbs up to all you programmers out there!

My responsibilities as an intern at Optis

My role at Optis came with lots of variation. First of all, I was the main contact point for everything concerning their online presence, more specific their social media. I collected the necessary content, stimulated interaction with the followers on Instagram, took care of the stories... Everything with the goal of creating a strong online brand, both for potential clients as employees.

My main task was making a video for a new hiring campaign. At first it was a bit scary sinceI had no experience in video editing nor filming skills. Before I really started, I watched lots of video’s about techniques and how to shoot movies. And even now I’m still watching tutorials! It really inspired me to make good photography and video’s, even in my daily life.For me, it became more of a passion to get better, shoot better and edit my stuff better.

Me and the #OptisFamily

The first time I entered at Optis to set up the contract for the internship, I immediately felt at home! Everybody was very nice and clearly very helpful. But this was only my first impression of course and time would tell how it would really would be.

On the first day, things were a little awkward, but for real, isn’t every first day like this?Awkward but very exciting? Well, at least for me it was. But this feeling slowly faded during the day, I started with a task I was given by my mentor and just started working. It didn’t take very long before I had some questions, so I reached out to one of the workers and he kindly helped me out and invited me for a match of foosball afterwards! I really enjoyed the feeling of being accepted in this group so fast.

I wasn’t the only intern during this period, there were two other programmers and for a little side project I made a film about their experience as an intern at Optis. For me it was also a very good way to learn new techniques, to edit and master my movie skills. I also learned howI could make sure I record a good Interview, that the quality of the video and sound is good. My relationship with the other interns increased a lot while making this project, it was really a joyful moment!

How did Corona change my internship?

It’s a hard period for all of us, but I’m really glad I can still do my internship at Optis. When they told me I had to work from home, it was a whole new experience for me. I felt a little more free and I could work more on my home desktop, which made content creating a lot easier for me. However, I really miss the social contact, the lunch times and the jokes going on during the workday!

I’m still at Optis for my second internship, normally I had another company for my second internship but during corona they couldn’t give me enough work so it was cancelled. I’m really glad that Optis took me back in for this next period so I can keep going in this workflow.

My hiring movie

The main goal of my internship was making a hiring movie to interact with new programmers and to get in touch with experienced programmers as Optis is constantly searching for new talents to join the team. The main problem for me was getting the good content to make the movie, it is not easy to get some footage that inspires to come to work at a programming company. The days are not exciting in the ways a day is exciting for a stuntman, programmers make magic happen on their screens and in their minds.

During my last weeks at Optis, I continued to learn everyday on how to make a good recruiting movie, new styles of filming, new ways to improve my editing skills in AdobePremiere Pro etc.

Would I recommend an internship at Optis?

I strongly recommend and internship at Optis! What I liked the most is the freedom, the things I could try, the new stuff I could learn. I didn’t only learn new software and new skills, but also a lot about myself, about what I would like to achieve and where I would like to go with the new things I learned. Before the internship, I was sure I would like to start working after I graduated, but discover I really enjoyed designing new things and create artwork. So maybe I go for an education in graphic design, who knows. However, I am very grateful I got the opportunity to develop my new discover passion at Optis!

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