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You bet women can stand their ground in the world of IT. Keshia, managing partner and consultant at Optis, is the living proof. After some first sales oriented adventures and early assignments in the IT business, she ended up at Optis. A match made in heaven. Discover the remarkable story of Keshia: from front-end developer to managing partner at Optis.


Studied industrial engineering - specialization in electronics - at Odisee Ghent, Keshia started her professional career as technical sales. However, Keshia decided pretty quickly that she wanted to focus more on IT development. After taking some extra courses and some first experiences in the IT sector, Keshia ended up at Optis, the perfect playground for both in-depth self- and knowledge development. In the early stages, Keshia focused mainly on internal projects, gaining knowledge regarding a wide range of software technologies. Gradually, Keshia took more and more responsibility in external assignments, with projects for, among others, Sofico and Digipolis Ghent. For the latter, she operated three years as front-end developer. In her own words a massively inspiring and educational period. Although, Keshia felt she preferred a more equitable balance between human contact and the technical part of her job. As Optis was looking for some people who wanted to play a leading role in their business processes, a real win-win situation arose. And so it happened, Keshia became managing partner at Optis. Ladies on a roll!


Currently, Keshia focuses on its management responsibilities to help others within Optis grow. Optis has always been an environment where learning and personal growth are central. By providing training opportunities, internal knowledge transfers, etc. Keshia absolutely wants to continue this practice. In this way, the in-house expertise and maturity will be further expanded.

On long notice, it’s the purpose to build several knowledge entities within Optis, each specialized in a particular area. With Reaktika, the first of many to come, they already have an entity focussing on data engineering and Scala technologies. The main idea is that people can fully dive into their preferred domain of expertise, something that in five years' time should lead to a multi-disciplinary network.


As the long term objectives are definitely focussing on growth, a technical and entrepreneurial mindset are both key for future employees. Let’s say medior profiles combining thorough knowledge of Java and/or JavaScript with a forward-thinking drive. Which does not mean that there is no space for further personal development, not at all. Everyone will have the opportunity to get started with new technologies and to carry out assignments aligned with his or her personal goals. On top, in-house trainings, workshops and an education budget are provided. Because we firmly believe that personal growth contributes to the overall growth of our company. Mic drop!

Interested in a job or internship at Optis? Don’t hesitate and ​get in touch​!

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