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Studied Network & System Administration and ended up as a Functional Analyst at Optis. A great example of how your degree does not necessarily determine the further course of your professional career. Discover Kristof’s full story.

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After his secondary studies, Kristof decided to start Network and System Management at Thomas More University. However, it soon became clear he was missing a more visual approach. And at the time he was supposed to determine where to do his internship, Kristof was even more convinced of this. When reviewing the different internship proposals, he immediately felt a match with Optis - where the main focus of the assignment was on application development.

And that is how Kristof went to work as an intern at Optis, where he and a fellow student were given the opportunity to develop an accident care application. In short, the app aims to support people when they have had an accident with their company car. In the application you can follow a step-by-step guide to specify all the details related to the accident. Subsequently a fully detailed report is sent to the fleet manager.

During his internship, Kristof was offered a full time contract, to which he responded with a resounding yes! Quite soon, Kristof’s analytical capabilities flagged up. That’s why the managing partners decided to put him on a learning path to extend his analytical skills. The following months, Kristof started his first analysis-oriented project, while following courses to gain insights in the world of testing, and was finally appointed as Functional Analyst at Optis.


Meanwhile, Kristof has been working at Optis for about three years now. During this period he focused on an assignment for VDAB, where he’s mainly charged with questions coming from the different stakeholders within this project. Kristof, surrounded by a team of 10-12 employees, analyses the questions, transcribes them and translates them into stories. Those stories must in turn be communicated to the developers of Optis. In a nutshell, you could say he's the missing link between external and internal.


Internal knowledge transfers, workshops, conferences,... Consider Optis as the perfect playground to deepen your expertise and knowhow in the area of application development. If you have a clear vision on the professional objectives you’re eager toachieve, which journey you want to travel, you’re the right man in the right place at Optis. You get surrounded by a team of experienced managing partners and employees who are always available to help you, to guide you.

Chasing your own dreams, your own ideas, much is possible within Optis. As long as you’re passionate. Both, the management’s open mindset and the opportunity for own initiative, will ensure that you succeed. Great, right?

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