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Optis provided my colleague and me the opportunity to go to Las Vegas and attend the first edition of RxJS Live, here are 3 things that impressed us the most.

The Basics of RxJs

While a lot of talks covered the basics of RxJs, this talk by Tracy Lee interested me the most because she simply talked about the basics of RxJs with a touch of humour. In the span of nothing more than an hour she refreshed the things I already knew and taught me some new things as well.

The video below isn't recorded at RxJs Live but she used the same presentation.

The (finite) state of Reactive Animations

David Khoursid was a little bit different from the other talks. While most speakers were GDE's (Google Developer Expert), Angular developers and involved with the core development of RxJs, David was in his words "sort of the black sheep". He is a React developer interested in animations who stumbled across the principle of "Reactive Animations". He used the power of observables to automate his animations and create beautiful results.

The Battle of House of Promises vs. House Observables

While several talks covered the topic of promises vs observables, Kapehe brought the subject in a very interesting way. She explained the basics of them both and went on to compare them in a Game of Thrones/battle-themed style. Since I am a GoT fan I liked how she used the show to explain the principles.


I really enjoyed this first edition of RxJs Live all the way out in Las Vegas. Everything was well organised and nothing really went wrong. But most important, all of the speakers were very interesting. A lot of the speakers brought the same thing, but in their own unique way/perspective.

I hope to see more from these interesting people!

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